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Why does this happen with hyper links in our Bio's sometimes ??

Hiya SU Mods ,

Its rare I Inquire about anything in WU , but i have a question that has had me baffled for awhile now .

In our Biography sections , why is it sometimes when we hyper link a scene WU automatically changes the link so it doesn't work ??

I will provide an example of one from my own Biography here .

This is what the error looks like :

<a href="!view.fb?id=LSC892da6b40f4143aca0e90eef65e04190">R&O Ink</a>

This is how it reads each time i correct it , before it changes on its on to the above :

<a href="!view.fb?id=LSC892da6b40f4143aca0e90eef65e04190">R&O Ink</a>

Why is this happening , and how do we Fix it ??

Oni Enforcer 

necesito juego desbloqueo por favor 

Robbie, change the HTTPS to HTTP and the link will work fine.

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Alright , thanks to a friend i was able to solve this little glitch . 

When adding a link to your biography section , remove the "S" from the http section and it will work normally . 

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Thanks SU : Product Management , 

This problem has been going on for quite awhile and it effects a lot of people . 

It's weird though , sometime it doesn't do it , and sometimes it will ... but once it does it on a particular link it will always change the link . . . 

It's not a huge problem , but it can be a frustrating one ... lol 

Thanks again for looking into it .  :o) 

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Or I'll try & add something in my bio
Or try & add something to my bio
I'm having kind of the same problem, ever time I go into my profile, to change anything or add any thing it keeps saying there is an error from info to backgrounds?
I'm having kind of the same problem, it won't let me save anything in my profile from info & all the way to backgrounds every time I try to change anything it keeps saying there is an error?

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 Sorry for the delay in response. I'm not sure why you did not get a reply sooner.

I am unsure why such a thing would be happening.

I will send this over to the Devs to look into.

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Still nothing  ?? 

Two days and nothing ....  *Sigh* 

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