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Bringing Back 3D Animation

I played this game originally with what we have now. That being, the 2D pictures and the list of moves each competitor could use. When the previous owners added the 3D Animation option, it made the game even more fun. I realize this is more than likely asked for quite often, but this game would be so much better if the 3D Animations were brought back. It makes us, as players, feel more connected to the game. The ability to see your characters actually wrestling each other is a great experience. And it is so much better than playing on a television gaming console. Is there any possible way to make this happen?

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lol no

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Please Bring Back Old Version.I Want To See My Wrestler Actually Wrestle.

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i have a corp an spent money in this game ,,,couple years ago,,, i will be back when the animation does,,,, this game is to boring now to even play,,,, easy to get bucks ,,, just click on the freee bucks thing and ignore....

3-D will never come back. That was Ninja's code and no one else knows how to write it. 

Bring Rosebudd back he is the best wrestler.

I started playing this game in 2011 with the 3D version. The demands of RL caused me to retire for years...and when I got back into it, the 2D version makes the play experience boring. I assume there's some added functionality for the game that comes with going to 2D. Maybe it even makes the game run better on some systems. But I still prefer the 3D version...especially since I spend some money of this game...people should get more from it. My 2 cents.

Bring it back how it is bites
Bring it back 3d
Bring it back 3d
Bring it back 3d

agree for 3D

I think they should bring back animation like it used to be.

I agree.

i do agree but the 3D is what made the game lag and act all funky 

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