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Game needs a re-balance

Just a suggestion . . .

But you should serious consider a re-balance to the game system.
Right now it is obvious that boosting Stamina super high not only gives you a huge health bonus, but also causes no other  reduction in your abilities to pull off moves, or cause damage.

Maybe consider tweaking it so that you base damage is adjusted a couple points for every 5 points in strength over level 10, or something.

As of right now there is no benefit to having any other stats boosted as Stamina gives such huge benefits. As you have stated long ago the system only considers 5 points in any stat as an advantage so, if I'm facing a guy with 10 strength 10 agility and 30 stamina while playing with a character set to like 20 / 20 /20 he has the advantage even though stat wise my character is stronger and faster.

Are these Forums even watched/checked anymore?

There are some fundamental issues with the assumptions you are making on the fight engine and how it operates.

Yes, Stamina has the most obvious effect in game but all stats effect your game play experience.
People who ignore their other stats will fail more often.
As for the 5 point spread. I think you misunderstood what was said.
The 5 point spread is for level difference not stat difference.


Some counter points . . .

1- I understand that stats all effect your game play

2- I accept that I have to make assumptions as I do not have  (nor do I want) access to the coding used to determine move success which means I have to make assumptions based on visible data which is my matches and trends I see while doing these matches.

Now, unless there has been an unmentioned tweak to the system (which is possible and totally understandable) on Tuesday October 7th, 2014 the following answer was posted to the commonly asked question of "Why Moves Fail" (Post linked below). The section I am highlighting makes reference to Stats, and stat levels. . .

The bonus for having a higher ability than your opponent is only very slight, and will only ever take into account a difference of +5 or less, therefore if you have 30 strength, and I have 20, your bonus will only be as if you had strength of 25.

So again unless a change to the system was done your own documentation stats that any stat level bonus is capped at 5. So again my original concern remains . . . someone with exceptional higher stamina, and lower other attributes still has a huge advantage due to the way bonuses are determined.
This bonus for high stamina is obvious and effective while the bonuses for other stat levels is less obvious or effective.

Now all assumptions aside, and I know there are still many I am making, I still think there is need for a look at how the game considers all the stats, and levels, and move rates to determine if POSSIBLY a re-balancing could make the game more enjoyable for all your players.

This re-balance could take the form of if you have 6 to 10 more levels in strength then your opponent you do extra damage when you land a move, maybe if you have a 6 to 10 points higher in agility or speed you generate less fatigue and thereby can land more moves in a turn (pending fails and defenses.) 

Now with all this said, I'm only asking for someone to look into this issue and state openly that
1- "Yes, we've checked/tested the system and have determined no one stat has undue weight in determining move fails or match results."


2- " Yes, we've checked/tested the system and have determined that there is a slight or possible issue, and are preparing to address it in due time."

Thank you for replying and for keeping this game active.

Link to "Why Do Moves Fail"  - Posted Tuesday October 7th, 2014

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