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Purchase of Wrestler Bucks are not updating my Bucks Balance

Whenever I make a purchase for Wrestler Bucks , I do not get them. My bank account is charged but I do not get the Wrestler Bucks added to my account. I then put in a help deck ticket, but no one will resolve my issue. I made a purchase of 220 wrestler bucks last april 2016, but did not get the bucks, put in a help desk and checked on the status and replied on it several times and no one answered me back on it, in fact my ticket was closed by whomever without me getting my purchase nor refunding me. So, I make a purchase of 20 wrestler bucks on 12/17/16 and have a current help desk because I did not get my bucks awarded. And as of this writing 12/21/16, I still do not have my 20 wrestler bucks I purchased on 12/17/16 nor was I awarded my 220 wrestler bucks from April 2016.

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I as well am not getting my purchased credits, nor the free video ones.  Its been a day and a half since i purchased my credits.  Theres NO BLEEPING EXCUSE to why any purchased/watched video should not post IMMEDIATELY, and when i say IMMEDIATELY, theres only reasonable SECONDS of time that passes, or refresh the game, then they will post.  I used the 'blow out' link and purchased 325 credits, and should have at least 40 more from the videos.


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