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I paid 15 Wrestler Bucks to change my nameplate over two weeks ago. I'm wondering where it is and will I get a refund. What to know if there was some problem with it. 


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is there any news about the nameplate upload problem ? changed my name a few weeks ago and would be great to be able to change my plate asap too.

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same here 

i had a the same problem and my new name plate wasn't uploaded.  Did anyone get back to you !?!?!

Been Told its being "worked" on? that was a Month ago! Still nothing! But Hey! we got new Underpants in the store! : P

hello ive uploaded a new nameplate but cant see it on my laptop ive tried 2 different browsers chrome and opera but still showing old one,  but on my mobile i can see the new nameplate is there a reason why i cant see it on my laptop please.

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