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Class system

Is it me or do you feel that there's a sort of class system which is holding the game back more than the bugs?I know you are doing your best to get the bugs in the system.If you are not an original 1.0 or 2.0 then you have no rights as far as they are concerned.What they say goes.As for these so-called modulators I've seen 1 since I started playing.Why can't us lesser player set up a sort of council to hear grievances because I know the originals do because of how quick things for them happen.we should all be entitled to the same?.There are others who feel the same and Like I've said if I get banned then I was right its a dictatorship.But if I'm wrong They will come forward as well.PLEASE LISTEN 

                                Yours Hopefully  A N OTHER.

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Hi I've Just written the same thing.Please read.

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The SU moderators seem to be in the pocket of the trolls.  It's up to us, the good citizens of the WU community to ignore the trolls and help push good contributors instead.

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