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Crome glitch

I try to log on via Crome an the screen will not load an keeps blinking.

Please fix this so I may play the game.

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 I try to log in for several days - unfortunately always unsuccessful. First comes the Facebook page - then the main page of Wrestler Unstoppable - but that does not stop - and jumps back to the Facebook page - and everything starts all over again. You can not deny matches (as well as not quit), can not read messages or connect with other players, do not invent / write storylines etc ... I exchanged views with some other players on Facebook yesterday which is the same problem, but even longer than mine. I play the game on the PC (which I use daily) - so far without any problems - and have tried it on my new laptop - because I thought it was on the PC - but it did not work ... So it's the game - even the change of the browser (which was advised to me) has brought nothing ...

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