USL is a chance for you to team up with some friends and work together to win a championship.

You create your own group, called a stable, which contains a maximum of 10 wrestlers, then the leader signs up to the Unstoppable Stable League and your adventure begins!

Starting off in the bottom group of the league, your stable is placed in a "battle" against all other stables in your group. Each wrestler in your stable is given a match against a member from the other stable in each "battle", if the "battle" features an even number of wrestlers then an additional match will be given out to ensure that the "battle" will have a winner. The winner of the "battle" is determined by which stable wins most matches.

At the end of each season, stables are ranked according to how many "battles" they have won, depending on where your stable is ranked, you can either be promoted or relegated a group/number of groups. If stables are level on "battles" won, then the total matches won is used to separate the stables. This is why its beneficial to have a full stable of 10 members, as the more members you have, the more matches you will face.

If you make it all the way to group 1 and finish either 1st or 2nd, then your stable will take part in the USL final for that season.

Many wrestlers take the USL very seriously, producing a weekly scene called "The Webisodes" in which the top performing wrestlers from group 1 have their win%'s published and they receive praise from the USL community. Likewise there is also "The Jobbersodes" which publish the results of the worst performing wrestlers and humourously poke fun at them.

Competing in the USL also awards your stable coins, depending on your placing. You can use these coins to challenge other stables to "battles" outside of USL as a wager, the winning stable pockets the coins put up. These coins can then be given out as contracts to your stable mates, or used to send out challenges for increased amounts.

If you're not taking part in USL, then you're potentially missing out on a big part of what Unstoppable has to offer - getting together with a group of other wrestlers to take part in USL is a great way to make new friends in the game and work as part of a team.

So what are you waiting for? Get signed up today and start your climb up through the ranks.