Love it or hate it, the Bag O' Tricks is an important strategic tool in your wrestling arsenal! The following is a list of what you may find in your Bag O'Tricks, and what they do:

1. Fan Support
A Fan Support may only be used in the match of another wrestler, not your own matches. You may Fan Support a friend or stable mate, or you may Fan Support against an enemy.  Whoever's move it is in the match, will be the person who receives the Fan Support.  A Fan Support increases the momentum a wrestler receives for successful moves in that turn.  In USL, only stable mates can fan support each other.

Fan Supports do not "stack".  Having 4 or 8 Fan Supports gives exactly the same advantage as just 1 Fan Support.

2. Fatigue Boost
A Fatigue Boost may only be used in your own matches.  Using a Fatigue Boost will instantly lower your fatigue by a percentage - the more fatigue you have, the more a Fatigue Boost will reduce your fatigue.  This may give you enough of an advantage to successfully complete your turn, or pin your opponent. You can only use 1 Fatigue Boost during your  turn.

3. Power Defense
A Power Defense may only be used in your own matches.  Using a Power Defense allows you to set a defense, even if you have failed the last move in your turn.  You can also use a Power Defense to change a defense you have already set, whether it was normal defense at the end of a successful turn, or another Power Defense.

Some frequently asked questions about the Bag O' Tricks:

How many tricks can I have in my bag?
Tricks are earned by training with your training partners.  You may only earn 6 tricks per day by training with your partners.  You may also earn tricks as a reward for completing the "Daily Bonus" ladder for 7 days in a row.  If you earn any tricks from Daily Bonus, they will be added to your Bag O' Tricks, even if the bag is full.

Why do some people get so many Power Defenses and I never do?
All of the tricks are earned randomly. You may find that you earn no tricks, or only Fan Supports for a few days, or you may earn more Power Defenses.  This is all just part of the game and does not depend on your level of experience, the day of the week, or the USL season.   

If I don't use the tricks, will they expire?

No, the tricks in your bag will remain there until you use them.

Is it true that the chance of earning a Power Defense drops during USL?
No.  Tricks are earned by training randomly.  It may feel like you never get Power Defenses during USL because you are hoping to earn Power Defenses for USL and are more disappointed if you don't get them. 

Can I disable my Bag O' Tricks?
No one can disable their Bag O' Tricks, but you may choose not to use any of the tricks. 

Can a company disable the Bag O' Tricks for matches?
The Bag O' Tricks cannot be disabled in matches in a public company.  In a private company, an owner may disable the Bag O' Tricks for individual matches, such as stipulation matches or title matches, and in tag team matches.  They cannot disable the bag for round robins or tournaments.