On the home page of your wrestler, you will occasionally see a green link to watch a video and earn a free Wrestler Buck. When you click it a video will pop up that you watch, usually for 30 seconds, and then a Wrestler Buck is credited to your wrestler. 

This app is not owned or supported by Sports: Unstoppable, it is an advertising app that we allow to post on Wrestler Unstoppable to allow people to earn a free Wrestler Buck.

Sports: Unstoppable receives a small fee from the app for every video watched. 

Not everyone will be able to view this link all the time. The people who create the video's have a predetermined demographic that they wish to view their video. This could be geographically driven, gender or age driven, or anything else their clients may stipulate. 

If you experience issues with not receiving bucks after watching video's, you should contact Supersonic Ads at customersupport@supersonicads.com and address the issues with them. If you have not received your Wrestler Bucks, then we have not received a fee either, and have no way of tracing the interaction in Wrestler: Unstoppable.