As with any extreme sport, injuries occur often in wrestling, and the more you wrestle, the more you can expect injuries. You will be able to see in some matches that a message tells you that you have incurred an injury. The effect of an injury occurs in your skill statistics - every time you are injured, a random skill (agility, intelligence, speed or strength) will be slightly decreased. If your skills are trained to the maximum level (20,000 points across the stats), then when you go to your wrestler home page, there will be a flashing "Train!" in your training area, and you will be able to train up a skill.

To prevent injuries from affecting your stats, you can purchase Injury Protection from Medical tab in the Store. You can buy:

  • 1 hour of Injury Protection for 2 wrestler bucks, to protect you in a big match
  • 24 hour protection for 9 wrestler bucks, to get through that tough PPV
  • 1 week of Injury Protection for 40 wrestler bucks
  • 1 month of Injury Protection for 99 wrestler bucks for the ring weary pro.