As a wrestler, the second most important manoeuvre in your fighting arsenal is your defense. Being able to lay the smackdown on your opponent is important, but moves do fail, and then you need to be able to try and prevent them from  leaving you a bloody pulp on the mat. 

As with your offensive moves, as a noob wrestler you earn defensive and strategic moves by completing missions. Defensive moves will allow you to defend against the moves your opponent makes. If you select the right defense, you will cause their move to fail, giving you back the control of the match. The defensive moves are:

  • Block (defends against strength moves)
  • Reversal (defends against agility moves)
  • Dodge (defends against speed moves)
  • Play Possum (defends intelligence moves)
  • Rope-a-dope 
  • Brace Yourself
  • Fool Me Once

Strategic moves allow you to build either your momentum or health, to give you a greater chance of success in the match. The strategic moves are:

  • Slide out of the ring - requires 9 intelligence and 7 speed skills. This move allows you to slide out of the ring, giving you a short break to build health. Even if this move succeeds, you will lose your move. There is also a 3% chance of being counted out.
  • Appeal to the Crowd - requires 10 intelligence. You turn to the crowd and encourage them to cheer you on, building your momentum but doing no damage. Your opponent can ambush you using the Play Possum defense.

Anytime you complete a move successfully, you are able to set defense against your opponent. If your last move fails, you are able to use a Power Defense boost to set a defense. You can also use a Power Defense boost to change any defense you have already set.