Why Do My Moves Fail? 

This is the most common questions we receive from Wrestlers. When you attempt a move, your relative stats for that move are compared to those of your opponent. If your stat is higher than your opponents then you will receive a bonus % chance of that move landing, it will also do some additional damage. If your stat is lower than your opponents, then they will receive a bonus in their defence, IE you will have a greater chance of the move failing.


The ingame code then determines whether your move has landed or not, taking into account variables such as momentum and fatigue. If your move lands, then damage is worked out and your own momentum and fatigue increases, you can then select another move to make or place a defence.


The best example we can give you in respect of whether a move is successful or not, is by using a dice. Lets say you are attempting a side headlock, my strength is compared to my opponents strength, mine is higher and I get a “+1” chance for my move to land. My momentum and fatigue are taken into account and I receive another “+1” chance for my move to land. Behind the scenes, the game code shows that I would need to roll a 14 or below on a twenty sided dice for my move to land, this is further improved by “+1” for my strength comparison and “+1” for my momentum and fatigue, meaning I really need to roll a 16 or below on a twenty sided dice for my move to be successful. The code “rolls a dice” and it comes up 17 - this means my move has failed.

The bonus for having a higher ability than your opponent is only very slight, and will only ever take into account a difference of +5 or less, therefore if you have 30 strength, and I have 20, your bonus will only be as if you had strength of 25.

Why Do I Fail More During Title Matches Or USL? 

The fail rate is not increased during any specific time of the day, or when USL matches begin - it is constant. For those of you who think that you fail more during a USL season, this is because you have more matches and they are important matches, meaning you will notice it more. As an example, if you have 8 “live” matches outside a USL season and fail a move in 4 of those matches, thats 50%. Likewise if you have 40 matches once USL begins and fail a move in 20 of them, thats still 50%, but you will think you are failing more due to you having more matches.

Remember that if a move never failed, matches would be won by the wrestler making the first move - there has to be an element of randomness to each attempt.

If you are experiencing issues with fails, then this is not down to us increasing your % chance, or USL season starting, or it being 4:30 PM on a Wednesday or any of the other crazy ideas out there, its simply a matter of you attempting the wrong move at the wrong time or just being unlucky. Most moves have a greater chance of being successful once you have reached a certain momentum level, no use trying an SSP from 0 - as an example. Rethink your strategy, seek advice from some of the “greats” within the game - but be aware that even the best have an off day and no move is 100% guaranteed to work.

Why Do Pin Attempts Fail?

The same also applies to pin attempts. There is a slight chance that even at 0 health, your pin attempt will fail. Once again, there has to be some element of randomness. If you look at real life wrestling matches, history is littered with examples of Hulk Hogan looking unconscious, but then kicking out just before the referee brings his hand down for the 3 count, then going on to win the match.