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Free Wrestler Bucks

Anyone else watching the Pearls Island video over and over and not receiving a free buck?

2 people have this problem

edit....*Pearl's Peril

losing lots of bucks with them click a story things. sort it out unstoppable

If you are having an issue with the third party videos not paying out properly to you, then you would need to reach out to the support staff for the videos themselves. You can reach them at this link.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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I as well am not getting my purchased credits, nor the free video ones.  Its been a day and a half since i purchased my credits.  Theres NO BLEEPING EXCUSE to why any purchased/watched video should not post IMMEDIATELY, and when i say IMMEDIATELY, theres only reasonable SECONDS of time that passes, or refresh the game, then they will post.  I used the 'blow out' link and purchased 325 credits, and should have at least 40 more from the videos.


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